Jack Anderson Wilson's mugshot - Drunk, 11/16/1960, Medford, OR

Jack Anderson Wilson (b. 8/5/1920 - Canton, OH, d. 2/4/1982 - Los Angeles, CA) is a Black Dahlia murder suspect who was not mentioned in the initial news coverage of the case. Author and former actor John Gilmore says he first came in contact with Wilson, then using an alias, around 1968. Gilmore had covered the case of Tucson, AZ murderer Charles Schmid as a journalist and had been interviewed on radio about upcoming true crime projects. Among those projects was a movie script turned book on the Black Dahlia case. According to Gilmore a shady neighbor named "Eddie" in the Silverlake section of L.A. told him that he was friends with a man who claimed he knew the Black Dahlia murder victim. Gilmore told fellow Dahlia researcher Mary Pacios that he met the middle-aged Wilson at a gathering "of Hollywood losers" with "Eddie" and a younger girl at a house on Sayer Lane in Silverlake containing what appeared to be a bevy of stolen goods. Wilson was introduced, Gilmore says, as Arnold Smith, though the host referred to Arnold as Jack. Over the next 12 years John Gilmore said that Wilson contacted him off and on whenever Gilmore was interviewed on TV or in the news regarding such brutal crimes as the Manson Family murders of Sharon Tate and the La Biancas in 1969 and the 1981 attempted assasination of President Ronald Reagan by John Hinkley, Jr. After Reagan was shot, Wilson contacted Gilmore, telling him he had some "urgent" info about "the murder" which he needed to impart. Over a period of several months in 1981 into January 1982, Gilmore met with Wilson at several locations in Downtown L.A., including the decaying gay bar Harold's 555 Club on South Main St., Gilmore's office in the renowned Bradbury Building and the Anchor Cafe. [To be continued shortly!]